Add a once-off cost

Now let us learn how to add once-off costs. These could be machinery purchases, maintenance, tools, fuel and more.

Analysing a yield report

Now that you have mastered the art of inputting your records for analysis we must now learn how to interpret our reports. Let us start by learning how to analyse our yield reports.

Add a sale

Our sales feature is a basic function allowing you to record the sale of grain and produce. Let us see how we record a sale.

Add a harvest record

We have now covered most of the growing cycle and all that is left is to record a harvest. This is the final part of the “Farming Activities” section.

Add an irrigation cycle

So far in terms of farm activites, we have covered sowing, fertilizer and pesticide applications. Now we need to cover the most detailed section, which is irrigation.

Add a pesticide application

Now that you have added a fertilizer application record let us learn how to add a pesticide application entry.

Add a sowing to a production.

Once you have created a production, it is time to add an activity. Let us start with learning how to add a sowing record to our production.