Gordios Farmers Challenge

Farm analytics

The Gordios farmers challenge (GFC) is a contest created to help farmers achieve a ranking against other farmers in their Province, Country and Continent. For your convenience we have created a section for you to refer to should you have any challenges.

The GFC covers everything from seed and pesticide usage to labour and insurance costs. And to keep it interesting we will award prizes to the top 3 farmers in each category at the end of each season.

All the information that you add during the challenge is completely private and never viewed by Gordios or any other party. Remember your data is a key element to the success of your operation. So, you are and always will be the rightful owner of your raw data.


  • Store your farm input and sales data securely in one place.
  • Anonymously compare your performance against farmers in your Country.
  • Real-time weather forecast
  • Profit versus loss calculator