Vegetables, Love and Ambition Meet Limpopo’s Rolima Organic Farming

The company started planting commercially in 2019 after spending three years learning the trade in their home vegetable garden.

By Max Stevens on September 12, 2019
Vegetables, Love and Ambition Meet Limpopo’s Rolima Organic Farming Image

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Mr David Muhadi, from Rolima Organic Farming. Bridget Muhadi who is David’s wife founded the business after three years of learning the art in their vegetable garden. Bridget initially started planting as an experiment for her studies, but three years later she is now making a living from her craft

The company started planting commercially in 2019. When David and Bridget teamed up to nurture 3 ha of precious land into a fertile vegetable yielding machine.

They broke ground in June this year and planted butternut seeds, which will be harvested towards the end of November. In David’s own words he says “we started on a modest 3ha plot but we have plans to expand.”

If they can manage a favourable yield this season it will allow for their expansion plans to be unleashed. Besides the expansion plans, the couple exercises great caution in their operation to avoid damaging the ecosystem and environment around their farm.

For this current season, they used F1 hybrid butternut, spinach and tomato seeds. For the most part, they have avoided the use of any chemicals through constant maintenance and daily monitoring of their vegetables.

Whilst David and Bridget may be newcomers to commercial agriculture. They have the wisdom and knowledge of experienced campaigners. I would highly recommend you get in touch with them soon as these young superstars are likely to sell out of their spinach and butternut long before harvest day arrives.

If you would like to learn more about David and Bridget’s products you can contact us at Please use Rolima Organic Farming in the Subject so we know which farmer to direct you to.